1. Celebrating Women Nominations 2024

    Celebrating Women Nominations 2024

    Welcome to San Diego Magazine's Celebrating Women nomination form. There are 15 categories encompassing most of the industries that make up our beautiful city. Each category has nominees separated by individuals that are considered Pioneers or Rising Stars in their respective industries. If you need a refresher on what a Pioneer vs. Rising Star is or a full list of the categories and the industries they represent, please open up a second tab and visit

    Nominations are open until August 4th at 12:00AM. All qualified nominees will advance to the public voting and San Diego Magazine selection rounds. Nominations will be disqualified if:
    - The max word count is exceeded.
    - The questions are not answered honestly and ethically.
    - If the entire form is not completely filled out.

    IMPORTANT! Please select the Category (industry) and Sub-Category (Rising Star or Pioneer) you are nominating an individual for on the left hand side of the page before filling out the nomination form. Thanks and good luck!

    NOTE: San Diego Magazine may switch nominees to different categories, once submitted, if we feel the nominee should be in another category. All nominees will have one nomination representing the for the public voting and San Diego Magazine choice rounds. Any nominees that have more than one nomination will be reduced to the one nomination San Diego Magazine felt best represented the nominee.

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